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Inside This Free Book You'll Discover Some of These 247 Shocking Health Secrets:

  • The great cholesterol con: see the shocking research that proves saturated fat and cholesterol do NOT cause heart disease (Page 11)
  • "Clean eating" will never work if you make this one screw-up -- do you know what it is? (Page 13)
  • The ridiculous diet myth pushed by 95% of doctors AND “expert” bloggers that you MUST fix if you ever want to get, and maintain, your dream body (Page 14)
  • 3 little-known factors that run the show in your weight loss and longevity results...and how to bend them to your will! (Page 16)
  • The amazing secrets of disease-free civilizations (these 5 practical strategies can transform your health and longevity...if you're ready to follow them) (Page 18)
  • The dangers of long-term low-carb and other "no calorie counting" diets (i.e. what diet "gurus" don't want you to know about their picture-perfect sales pitch...err, i mean..."diet plan") (Page 19-21)
  • The "OOH treat" secret to rapid, uninterrupted fat loss (it's so simple, but don't be fooled...this is one of my best battle-tested secrets to KILL cravings on a diet) (Page 21-22)
  • 4 No B.S. fat loss strategies you must use, if you're serious about losing weight fast (Page 23)
  • Why red meat may be GOOD for you and egg yolks won’t kill you (Page 25)

7 diet mistakes that cause chronic inflammation, clogged arteries and high blood pressure -- which ones are you making? (Page 26)

food dishes


Amanda Eliminated Her "Pooch" Belly With This Simple But Unconvential Herbal Secret (Pages 40-41)

“I’ve always felt a little flabby especially around my belly and butt, so I was very happy to drop from 115 lbs to 108 lbs (I actually lost MORE than my goal weight)! It was very nice that the weight came off in the areas that mattered the most!”

Amanda L, 28
Recruiter, New York, NY

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  • Two "out of whack" hormones making you sicker and heavier each passing day -- why has no one told Americans about these? (Page 29)
  • 3 step-by-step "phases" that kill chronic inflammation, control hormonal imbalances and open your fat loss "floodgates" for good (Page 33-42)
  • AND: How to quickly and efficiently TEAR through fat loss plateaus with these odd “reset" strategies (Pages 33-36)
  • CASE STUDY: How to eat 5500 calories on a Saturday and lose 3 pounds by that following Monday (Pages 38-40)
  • What we discovered about “skinny fat syndrome”, and why it can make or break your fitness goals this year (Pages 43-47)
  • The "master key" to rapid, permanent weight loss (the health food industry would go BANKRUPT if this was published on the major airwaves) (Pages 48-50)
  • 3 “miracle diets” that are NOT much of a miracle after all (and the single-sentence "diet plan" to follow instead for the body of your wildest dreams) (Pages 55-57)
  • The truth about the Mediterranean diet (the real reason why so many in this "elite" group live over the age of 100, and why it may have LITTLE to do with their diet) (Pages 57-59)
  • Real Food 101: a nutrition CRASH COURSE to build a healthy body and happy mind -- for life (Page 60-62)
  • What a shocking study of 1,000 dentists and their spouses revealed about your diet (this discovery flies in the face of faulty U.S. government recommendations) (Page 61)
  • Think that fish oil is good for you? Think again. New research reveals the how UNHEALTHY these "healthy" fats can be -- and how little we actually should eat before Omega 3 toxicity kicks in (Pages 63-65)
  • 6 cheap and easy ways to "fix" bad blood sugar (without these tricks, you're in for a lifetime of weight problems and faster aging) (Page 72)
  • The "fuel tank" technique to knowing if carbs will keep you fat or make you fit (Pages 73-75)
  • 5 reasons that 90% of dieters fail within their first 90 days (avoid these diet traps and you’ll be laughing all the way to a jaw-dropping body) (Pages 76-77)
  • The PERFECT "formulas" for steady, lasting fat loss -- no matter how old you are, how much weight you have to lose, and how many times you've failed in the past...this WILL work when you follow it (Pages 78-89)

And that's JUST in Part I. Next up is...

Part II: A Muckraker's Guide To The Health Industry: Destructive Relationships Between Food and Longevity

In this section, you'll discover...

  • Two gut-damaging foods that Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and other health food giants "pawn off" as “heart healthy super-nutrients” (Page 91)
  • PLUS: What present-day, long-living cultures know about these two foods that most Americans are oblivious to (Pages 92-96)
  • NEVER do THIS instead (boosts your immune system, purifies your body, and patches up tiny gaps in your digestive tract, without wasting $8-$10 per “meal” on silly juice cleanses) (Pages 99-104)
  • Throw away your soy protein! Discover why this health phenomenon is a farce, the ONLY 'type' of soy to eat, and the max you should consume in a day if you want to stay healthy (Pages 105-107)
  • Whoops! 10 obesity-causing chemicals hidden in our food supply and how to avoid them for good (Pages 111-113)
  • Which groceries to buy organic, and ones you can get away with buying conventional (don’t waste money on these…they won’t help your health, but won't hurt it either.) (Page 114)
  • How to stop killer inflammation in the next 14 days (preventing what Time Magazine calls a “secret killer”) (Pages 115-117)
  • Don't put another carb in your mouth until you read page 123! You'll learn how to avoid select carbs that force your gut into a gut-damaging, fat-storing "lock-and-key" scenario (this has NEVER been shared before)
  • The all-hands on deck "Longevity Cheat Sheet": The ultimate guide to slimming down, firming up, and adding years to your life (Pages 120-127)
  • Doctors recommend you do THIS if you suspect inflammation is holding you back (Pages 127-128)
  • Health food secrets the organic-food industry doesn't want you to know (Pages 129-131)
  • How to choose high-quality veggies, fruit, meat, and eggs, without spending a small fortune (hint: organic is NOT good enough) (Pages 131-135)
  • AGE-ing declassified: Are AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) the hidden cause of rapid aging? (Pages 136-142)
  • 7 'genius' steps to reduce AGE compounds and turn back the "aging" clock (Pages 143-146)
  • This is worth the price of this book alone: the 10-second, $4 trick that can slash your risk of heart disease by 37% (most traditional cultures have done this for centuries, but the pharmaceutical industry would be up in arms if more Americans knew about it) (Pages 146-148)

And we're just halfway done. Let's move onto...

Part III: The Side of Weight Loss and Longevity That No One Talks About

You'll discover...

  • 10 common yet dangerous compounds that "clog" your liver and vital organs (Page 151)
  • How to rapidly flush out chemicals and "trapped" fat around your belly, butt, thighs and other problem areas (Pages 151-153)
  • Cleanse your way thin: the 10-step "smart food detox", and why it may be the difference between a fit, healthy body and another year of weight gain and missed opportunities (Pages 155-156)
  • Do you feel stressed and exhausted all the time? Try these easy steps to feel calm even on crazy days (Pages 158-160)
  • 7 common-sense ways to have uncommon peace of mind (or how to stop your “stress hormone” in its tracks) (Pages 160-161)
  • The 8-step formula that finally “fixes” years of poor sleep, including trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up rested (if you ever find yourself hitting the snooze every morning or dozing off at work, these steps will change your life forever) (Pages 164-165)
  • Is this stealing your sleep? Try these simple supplement tips to have your best night of slumber in years (Pages 166-167)
  • The strange secret I learned from a Senegalese cab driver in NYC that re-wired my brain and smacked me back to reality (these words of wisdom will help you finally put aside your fears and live the life of your dreams) (Pages 169-173)
  • LESSONS FROM THE DEADLIEST CITY IN AMERICA: A secret memo written to a young man in gang-ridden Camden, NJ about overcoming fears, depression, and a rough upbringing through step-by-step action, unrelenting positivity, and dogged perserverance (if this man can make it without a family, friend, or dollar to his name, SO CAN YOU) (Pages 173-175)
  • The Barack Obama method to ultra-productivity, reduced stress, and heightened focus (this also happens to be the same strategy used by nearly all successful dieters) (Pages 177-178)
  • 7 doctor-approved ways to beat your mental roadblocks, and why it can be the difference between a happy, satisfying life and a sad, fearful existence (these easy-to-implement strategies will reduce stress, increase productivity and help make any dream a reality) (Pages 179-182)

But wait, there's MORE. We end with...


Part IV: Strategies, Ideas and Tips for FAST, Simple Weight Loss

In the last 50+ pages, you'll discover...

  • How to see maximum fat loss in minimum time -- this radical "body type" solution is the personalized approach that gets quick, lasting results for just about anyone who sticks to it (Page 184-188)
  • What every woman MUST know to fast-track her results and get a shapely, cellulite-free body (Page 189)
  • A stupid simple food prep “hack” that 90% of dieters drop the ball on, but will guarantee you perfect portion control and effortless weight loss (Page 191-192)
  • A shocking "Wall Street" fat loss trick (what the corporate finance industry taught me about fat loss and how it convinced me to ditch the salad, eat at McDonald's and Chipotle, and lose more weight in the process) (Page 192-193)
  • The NO-PILL pain fix: how to eliminate chronic shoulder and lower back pain (I did it with 2 torn rotator cuffs and a slipped disc, and now you can too.) (Page 196-197)
  • How to lose weight fast EVEN if you're in chronic pain (Page 197-199)
  • The "holy grail" food-cycling strategy that strips off fat and packs on muscle simultaneously (this advanced strategy can transform your body from “decent” to “ripped and irresistible” in just 6 weeks) (Page 206-209)
  • What Hugh Jackman and a football hall-of-famer have in common and why it can help you build a jaw-dropping body this year (Page 209-212)
  • This simple mistake RUINS weight loss for 95% of's how to fix it in just 5 minutes a WEEK. (Page 202-204)
  • Advanced fat loss systems: how cover models, Hollywood stars and fitness pros get and STAY fit (Page 210)
  • How to be part of the 1% “elite” that loses weight AND keeps it off for LIFE (learn the simple lifestyle tweaks that will keep you fit and happy for a lifetime) (Page 213-219)
  • The ultimate "leangevity" appendix: 6 weeks of fat loss meal plans, recipes, healthy milkshakes and more (Pages 220-226)
  • 10 “lean body JUNK foods” you can enjoy every day (your friends will be amazed when you eat these foods on a night out and come back noticeably leaner the next day) (Page 234)

Eat THIS, not THAT: 19 good vs. bad comparisons...SEVEN approved food groups...and 10 "health" foods to never, EVER eat! (Page 234-237)


Praise From A Miss Galaxy Universe Finalist!

“We all know that real and lasting fat loss is so much more than just reducing calories. 247 Proven "Leangevity" Secrets explains quite possibly everything you have ever wondered about (and never thought of) when it comes to fat loss. From the truth about carbs and cheat days, to tips taken from traditional cultures, everything is covered in this guide. There is even a 3-phase calculator, ensuring that no area of fat loss is left to chance.

If healthy eating has not been getting you the results you want, this system will tell you exactly what to do about it. You will also learn why what you are eating may not just be stopping fat loss, but may also be harming you. With lots of detail (and I mean LOTS) 247 Proven "Leangevity" Secrets gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to not only lose weight, but also to keep it off successfully. Importantly, it's mindful of the restraints we have in life, such as budget and stress. This guide is designed to be used!

But what I love most about 247 Proven "Leangevity" Secrets is it's created by someone who has gone through the same struggles in dieting as the rest of us. Sayan has done the research on almost every area of fat loss imaginable, so you don't have to. 247 Proven "Leangevity" Secrets will increase your knowledge dramatically..."fix" the 3 main fat triggers (inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and liver clogging), and fat loss success WILL follow.”

Bridget Taylor
Miss Galaxy Universe 2013 Finalist, Scotland, UK

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7 "Think Big" Takeaways

With so many amazing nuggets shared in this book, you may feel overwhelmed. Don't be.

Even if you forget the little tips and tricks, you'll never forget these big themes and strategies.

And that's what is most important, because it will stay with you (and still work) for years, even decades, to come.

Here are 7 "think big" takeaways you'll get in this new book:

  1. What NEVER to eat if you want to lose weight and live longer
  2. How an obese "desk jockey" like me lost 9 pounds in 14 days, 17 pounds in 30 days, and 32 pounds in just 90 days, eating the foods I love.
  3. Fat loss mistakes even experts make: why doctors and diet gurus misled the public for decades
  4. Fatty foods it's okay to eat (and the few fatty foods you MUST avoid)
  5. The "10-11-12 jumpstart" to melting fat and building muscle, whether you're 20, 50 or 80+ years old -- and it's six-pack sidekick: the "8-9-10" blast
  6. The REAL reason Americans are fat (hint: it's NOT sugar)
  7. Shrink your waist by next Monday, with a mouthful of ice cream...try these surprising ways to put the yum back into your diet year-round.

  8. green button

    Warning: These 247+ Proven "Leangevity" Secrets Are NOT For Everyone

    Especially if you...

    • Are an information junkie or “all talk, no action”. If you just like to collect info but make up excuses when push comes to shove, this isn't for you.
    • Are just looking for shortcuts. You will see dramatic results in the first days and weeks, but this system is not a “quick fix” or easy way out. You must be willing to take action and make a few simple lifestyle changes.
    • Think you are too old to get in shape. Listen, you are NOT too old! I've consulted with clients as old as 85 years old who have lost fat and felt better, and kept it off (one was a 67 year old grandma who's still kickin’ butt today)! Age is nothing but a number.
    • Think slashing calories, carbs, or fat is the only way to lose weight. If you're going to keep believing anyone who tells you carbs, fat or protein are the "devil", or if you're going to keep starving yourself and destroying your metabolism, this is NOT for you. If you use my system, I'll expect you to STOP crash dieting, STOP the semi-starvation plans, and instead try my proven way to lose weight properly and permanently if you keep it up.

    Here's What To Do Next

    Since you came to this page through a trusted friend, I won't be charging you the $97 Amazon price of this book or $29.95 limited retail price.

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    Once you request your copy, it will be taken off our inventory count, which means you'll secure your copy even if we sell out today. (If the order buttons still work, you're in luck, but act fast before supplies run out.)

    And by the way...

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    I'm only doing this for a few specific reasons as you'll see below. And once we're sold out of the copies at the warehouse, I'll be working on another business and will likely NEVER manufacture and sell copies of this again. Seriously. And in the rare case I do, I most certainly won't give it away for free.

    But for now I want to get this book in front of as many people as possible. It's worked miracles in my life, and I'm sure it'll do the same for you, since it's backed by so much incredible scientific proof, real-world evidence, and is backed by all the top industry influencers. Now I know you may be thinking...

    Why am I being so generous?

    1. Its my way of thanking you for being an making it this far down the page, you've shown you are DEDICATED to your success. I like winners and action-takers, because that's the only way you'll succeed. Keep it up, friend.

    2. Unlike some health and fitness pros, I'm not an ex-trainer revealing their secrets in a new book every year. Nothing wrong with that, but my main business is in developing nutritional supplements for men and women over 35...and because of that it doesn't hurt me to share with you all my best health information that would otherwise be sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust.

    3. I know firsthand how tough it is to get the body you want and deserve...and I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did! It took me over 9 years of trying desperately to lose weight until I saw some serious results. During that process I dealt with more self-pity, depression, and frustration than I'd like to admit. It is NOT fun and I do not want you to ever have to deal with that (and if you're dealing with it already, then let's stop it for good). Use the tremendous value in this book, succeed quickly and efficiently, and then pass it on to someone else!

    4. It's from ACTUAL medical/naturopathic doctors and alternative health researchers who I've consulted with for my supplement company or studied and learned from. The consultants are brilliant, but a lot of the info they bring me has to be set aside since we can only launch so many new products annually. However, with this book I've shared multiple pages of their research, broken down to layman's terms so anyone can understand and use it. This is the FIRST time this is being done, to my knowledge, but why not!

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    Thanks so much for reading this letter. I look forward to hearing your amazing results with these 247 Leangevity Secrets.

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